Friday, June 3, 2016

Why Blaming Bernie Won't Help Hillary's Weak Candidacy

Why Blaming Bernie Won't Help Hillary's Weak Candidacy For the Clinton campaign, the Democratic establishment and the corporate media, the blame game has begun. For weeks now, talking heads everywhere have been attempting to instill the false narrative that Bernie Sanders is to blame for Hillary Clinton’s weak candidacy and her eventual loss to Donald Trump in November’s general election. Paul Krugman, Barbara Boxer, Barney Frank, Paul Begala, Chris Matthews and many other Democratic establishment vehicles in the media have been weighing in to that effect. All this while there is still a contested primary going on and nearly two months before a nominee is officially chosen at the Democratic convention. Why are they so nervous? Because Hillary Clinton has fallen sharply out of favor with the Democratic party’s progressive base and, more broadly, the American people.