Monday, June 27, 2016

Article: Will the Democrats Give Us What We Want? Yeah. Right | OpEdNews

Article: Will the Democrats Give Us What We Want? Yeah. Right | OpEdNews The article I wrote on OEN last that headlined over the week-end asking if Bernie Sanders was a "Principled" sell-out apparently hit a nerve with many people. The truth as I see it is that Sanders finds himself in a quandary along with the rest of anyone to the left of the unhinged Democratic oligarchy. One reason for this is the obvious underhanded way that the Clinton camp purged voting rolls in many States and exit polls did not mirror the final vote in States like California and NY among other States. It is obvious to anyone with even a modicum of intelligence to see that the voting was rigged, election fraud was committed and the Clinton camp simply stole this Primary race!

There are efforts to overturn the results in something like twelve States along with voter class-action suits against the Clinton Campaign.

One reason I wrote the article was in response to the outright treachery of the Clinton Ca, and the DNC itself. How can Sanders object? The Clinton controlled media will simply claim it is a case of "sour grapes" on Bernie's part and ask Democrats to just move on the way she always does when confronted by her criminal behavior. She did this with her vote on the Iraq War, the obliteration on Libya, The CIA or castrated coup in Ukraine not to mention all the government contracts given out to Clinton Foundation donors while she was Secretary of State. There is more, much more. I could write a book on Hillary Clinton's wanton criminal behavior.