Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Article: The "extraordinary sense of loss from war." | OpEdNews

Article: The "extraordinary sense of loss from war." | OpEdNewsMarch of the Immortal Regiment

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On occasion one comes across a written passage so stunning yet simple it catches the eye. In this instance it was something author Gilbert Doctorow wrote [1] that sets apart Russians and Americans.

Regarding Russia he wrote, "every family in the country lost members to the WWII effort. Every one."

"This extraordinary sense of loss from war is something that sets Russian consciousness apart from American consciousness".

Think about it. In WWII the Soviet Union lost 27 million military and civilians to the war. The US suffered 420, 000 mostly military casualties and none on its soil. There is no comparison in the sense of loss suffered by the Russians. This in no way is meant to diminish the sense of loss felt by family members in the US who did lose loved ones during the war.

As Doctorow points out during this year's Victory Day parade in Moscow on May 7, there'll be "The so-called 'March of the Immortal Regiment' on which ordinary citizens carry photographs of their own family heroes from WWII: fathers, grandfathers, mothers and grandmothers who fought on the front or worked at defense positions behind the lines".

In stark contrast here in the US we have Memorial Day when Americans head for the beach or have a backyard barbecue. Oh there's the obligatory speeches by politicos but no collective outpouring of the American people recognizing the "extraordinary sense of loss from war".