Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Article: A Corporate State is Threatened | OpEdNews

Article: A Corporate State is Threatened | OpEdNews Once again we hear the media pounding the same refrain that they have been pedaling for decades; vote for the politician we endorse because we know best. The truth is that 50 years ago that may have been true, when newspapers as television stations had independent news that operated independently from the hierarchy. Today we have media that has a stake in the game. These corporations are actively backing a certain candidate with corporate funding and they expect us all to take their word that they are operating in the public interest! The sad truth is that there are people accept their message as gospel, even though these networks are courting political favor to increase profits.

It is no big secret that MSNBC and CNN have donated to the Clinton campaign, yet they never mention it. I believe that the FCC should force news organizations that support one candidate to declare it public ally. In a perfect world, the people that are charged with reporting news should have no skin in the game. Unfortunate corporations are riding roughshod over our representative republic. I don't call the US a democracy because it isn't. Democracy is an illusion to keep the masses pacified. We see the true power of the corporate state when they refuse to report on the Sanders campaign and neglect to report on his amazing surge in the primaries despite of everything they have done to keep him quiet.