Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Article: If This is Not "Newsworthy, What Is?" | OpEdNews

Article: If This is Not "Newsworthy, What Is?" | OpEdNewsThe 24-hour coverage of the terrible massacre in France only ended with the beginning of the nonstop coverage of the San Bernardino murders, and we will be inundated with nonstop coverage until the next headliner occurs. It is truly amazing what gets covered with round the clock intensity, and it is even more amazing what does not get coverage.

So you decide which of the two following stories should get intensive media coverage. On the one hand, use the current San Bernardino story, horrific as it is. On the other hand, imagine a "terrorist" attacks a hospital, kills doctors, nurses, and patients, and then runs outside. When survivors try to flee, the "terrorist" waits for them and kills those who trying to flee the disaster. For the sake of illustration, let's assume the number of dead and wounded in the hospital terrorist attack is double that of San Bernardino. Should one story get more coverage than the other? Should the hospital terrorist attacker be completely ignored by media, while the San Bernardino massacre gets nonstop coverage? Have you read or heard anything about the terrorist hospital attacker?? No! Why is that?