Monday, June 1, 2015

 License to Kill :   Information Clearing House - ICH

 License to Kill :   Information Clearing House - ICHThat policemen have a license to kill sounds a somewhat harsh way of stating the obvious. Most of us don’t think about it as, equally obviously, we assume the police to be the warden of order. I say order and not law for two reasons. For one, experience shows that law can be interpreted, stretched and distorted, according to the whims of its judicial interpreters, as we will see later. And two, “law and order” is a formula that glides easily on the tongue, without requiring the intervention of reason. It functions perfectly as a verbal jingle and is an indispensable weapon in the verbal armory of the electable. Avoiding its utterance implies unelectability.

But when misused, overused or abused, the lexicon seeks revenge. In the instance, “law and order” has fostered and created at large, a progressively regressive mode of thought, and triggered a competition, among the electable and the elected, about who is first in “law and order.” It is well known that America has, proportionally, the largest prison population in the world. And thanks to another judicial and equally rhythmical formula, “three strikes and you are out”, there are extant cases of people condemned to life in prison for shoplifting a loaf of bread at the supermarket. It would be hard to dispute the correlation between the formula, the results and the mode of thought.