Saturday, May 9, 2015

V-Day Shows that Europe's Leaders are Washington's Flunkies

V-Day Shows that Europe's Leaders are Washington's FlunkiesToday Russia is celebrating Victory Day, marking 70 years since the defeat of Nazi Germany.

Much has been made of the West’s decision to boycott the Moscow events, but ultimately, it amounts to an incomprehensible snub to the Soviet people, without whom the war would most certainly never have been won.

It is one thing for the US to boycott the event. The war affected America only minimally compared to other nations. There is very little real emotion attached to this day in the United States – and what emotion does exist, is usually attached to an arrogant and false claim that the US won the war for Europe.

In reality, there was no battle equivalent to or more decisive than the battle for Europe on the Eastern Front. An unimaginable 27 million Soviets died defeating Hitler’s Germany. It’s estimated that 80% of men born in the USSR in 1923 did not survive the war.