Sunday, February 15, 2015

Article: Free Syrian Army Sold Kayla Mueller to ISIS | OpEdNews

Article: Free Syrian Army Sold Kayla Mueller to ISIS | OpEdNewsKayla Mueller lived a life full of devotion, helping others. Her passion for humanitarian ideals led her to Turkey. I believe that decision to go to Turkey is responsible for her death at the hands of Radical Islamic terrorists.

The Turkish government has been sponsoring Radical Islamic terrorists since 2011. They have given them free transportation, food, weapons and support of every type. This has been a Turkish domestic and foreign policy since 2011. President Erdogan is directly responsible for this radicalization of Turkey. The citizens of Turkey do not necessarily agree or support this policy. Some are making huge fortunes off of the radical Islamic terrorists all along the Syrian border, but most Turkish citizens are Muslims who have long held secular political views. AtaTurk, the father of post-Ottoman Turkey, molded Turkish society into a strictly secular state: forward looking, and western gazing.