Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Article: Does Collective Insouciance Reign in America? | OpEdNews

Article: Does Collective Insouciance Reign in America? | OpEdNewsPeople texting while riding on roller coaster

How else to put it; collective insouciance-without a care-seems to reign in America.

The problems, issues and events in America and the world from the decline of the middle class, the severe economic conditions that many are facing in this country, to the events in the world as in the crisis in Ukraine, the war in Iraq and Syria and Afghanistan, the recent election in Greece against harsh austerity measures on the backs of the Greek people, the attempted coup in Venezuela to say nothing of climate change, especially the melting of the permafrost most prominently in Siberia with the release of methane gas into the atmosphere that is twenty times more deadly than carbon dioxide are just a few of the multitude of problems and issues that don't appear to be on the minds of many, possibly a majority of Americans.