Thursday, May 29, 2014

Article: The future visible in St Petersburg | OpEdNews

Article: The future visible in St Petersburg | OpEdNews: In more ways than one, last week heralded the birth of a Eurasian century. Of course, the US$400 billion Russia-China gas deal was clinched only at the last minute in Shanghai, on Wednesday (a complement to the June 2013, 25-year, $270 billion oil deal between Rosneft and China's CNPC.)

Then, on Thursday, most of the main players were at the St Petersburg International Economic Forum -- the Russian answer to Davos. And on Friday, Russian President Vladimir Putin, fresh from his Shanghai triumph, addressed the participants and brought the house down.

Article: Is There a More Loathsome American than John Kerry? | OpEdNews

Article: Is There a More Loathsome American than John Kerry? | OpEdNews: On Wednesday the finger-wagger was out early with a vengeance and seemingly determined to prove that he is the winner of the most disgusting and embarrassing American of the past year. The Secretary of State, with his trademark chronic diarrhea of the mouth and the increasingly unhinged holier than thou attitude appeared on morning network television in all of his elitist Skull and Bones tight-assed glory. The occasion was to once again smear former government contractor turned heroic NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden as a "traitor"and a "coward" and demanding that Washington's most wanted refugee "man up" whatever that means. The gale force windbag from Massachusetts who hit the jackpot by marrying into the Heinz Ketchup Empire doesn't seem to be much of an authority on "manning up" especially considering the dive that he took in Ohio back in 2004 in surrendering the US presidency to another former Skull and Bones elitist George W. Bush despite widespread irregularities.

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Why War Is Inevitable

Why War Is Inevitable: May 26 2014 "ICH" - Memorial Day is when we commemorate our war dead. Like the Fourth of July, Memorial Day is being turned into a celebration of war.

Those who lose family members and dear friends to war don’t want the deaths to have been in vain. Consequently, wars become glorious deeds performed by noble soldiers fighting for truth, justice, and the American way. Patriotic speeches tell us how much we owe to those who gave their lives so that America could remain free.

The speeches are well-intentioned, but the speeches create a false reality that supports ever more wars. None of America’s wars had anything to do with keeping America free. To the contrary, the wars swept away our civil liberties, making us unfree.

Article: U.S. Media Lie, Yet Again | OpEdNews

Article: U.S. Media Lie, Yet Again | OpEdNews: Nowadays, the most accurate news reporting about events in Ukraine comes actually from Russia. The following report includes some of the latest of that, along with background reporting that I have put together from other sources, including links to videos of the actual historical events.

Unlike what you read in The New York Times or the Washington Post, or hear about on NPR, PBS, Fox "News," MSNBC, NBC, CBS, or ABC -- or even read about in New Yorker, Harper's, The Atlantic, Mother Jones, the Nation, the New York Review of Books, or Foreign Policy -- this is the reality; and all that you would need to do in order to check it out for yourself is to click on the links, all of which are to sources that I have checked out and verified as being true and authentic; you won't find any of this to be false or fake:

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Privacy under attack: the NSA files revealed new threats to democracy | Technology | The Guardian

Privacy under attack: the NSA files revealed new threats to democracy | Technology | The Guardian: We all know that the United States has for decades spent as much on its military might as all other powers in the world combined. Americans are now realising what it means that we applied to the stealing of signals and the breaking of codes a similar proportion of our resources in relation to the rest of the world.

The US system of listening comprises a military command controlling a large civilian workforce. That structure presupposes the foreign intelligence nature of listening activities. Military control was a symbol and guarantee of the nature of the activity being pursued. Wide-scale domestic surveillance under military command would have violated the fundamental principle of civilian control.

Article: Krauthammer is right: The US Empire is in Decline | OpEdNews

Article: Krauthammer is right: The US Empire is in Decline | OpEdNewsUS global domination, which could be said to have begun with the collapse in the early 1990s of the former Soviet Union, was destined to be a short-lived affair. By 1990, the Soviet Union had been bankrupted by President Reagan's massive military spending campaign, and the USSR's political and economic implosion did leave the US, by default, as the world's last and only "superpower," but left unremarked was that this country's massive military spending had also effectively hollowed out the US economy, too. And instead of turning inward at the end of the Cold War, and investing in a revitalization of America's crumbling physical, social and educational infrastructure, which might have rectified things, the problem was made worse by two more decades of continuous war economy, driven by the very neoconservative ideology that Krauthammer still espouses.

Article: NYT's One-Sided Ukraine Narrative | OpEdNews

Article: NYT's One-Sided Ukraine Narrative | OpEdNewsAs part of the New York Times' sorry descent into becoming a propaganda sheet for the U.S. State Department, the Times' front-page story on the Ukrainian presidential election offered a near perfect distillation of Official Washington's false narrative on the crisis.
"The special election was called by Parliament to replace Viktor F. Yanukovych, who fled Kiev on Feb. 21 after a failed but bloody attempt to suppress a civic uprising, and whose toppling as president set off Russia's invasion and annexation of Crimea," wrote David M. Herszenhorn, one of the most consistently biased reporters on Ukraine.

Very little about the Times' summary is either accurate or balanced. It is at best a one-sided account of the tumultuous events over the past several months in Ukraine and leaves out context that would enable a Times' reader to get a more accurate understanding of the crisis.

There's nothing better than these rescued beagle pups' first bounds of freedom

There's nothing better than these rescued beagle pups' first bounds of freedom