Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Article: Who's Telling the "Big Lie" on Ukraine? | OpEdNews

Article: Who's Telling the "Big Lie" on Ukraine? | OpEdNews: If you wonder how the world could stumble into World War III -- much as it did into World War I a century ago -- all you need to do is look at the madness that has enveloped virtually the entire U.S. political/media structure over Ukraine where a false narrative of white hats vs. black hats took hold early and has proved impervious to facts or reason.

The original lie behind Official Washington's latest "group think" was that Russian President Vladimir Putin instigated the crisis in Ukraine as part of some diabolical scheme to reclaim the territory of the defunct Soviet Union, including Estonia and other Baltic states. Though not a shred of U.S. intelligence supported this scenario, all the "smart people" of Washington just "knew" it to be true.