Sunday, August 17, 2014

Vanishing point ... MH17 vanished from the news cycle. | OpEdNews

Article: Vanishing point ... | OpEdNews: First, passenger airliner vanished from Planet Earth. Then MH370 vanished from the news cycle. First, MH17 was shot down by "Putin's missile" -- as Planet Earth was told. Then MH17 vanished from the news cycle.

Where's Baudrillard when we need him? Had he been alive, the dervish of simulacra would have already deconstructed these two Malaysian planes as mirror images; from absolute vanishing to maximum exposure, then vanished again. They might as well have been abducted -- and shot -- by aliens. Now you see them, now you don't.

Black boxes, data recorders -- everything MH17 is now floating in a black void. The British are taking forever to analyze the data -- and if they have already done so, they are not talking. It's as if they were singing, I see a black box / and I want it painted black ... void.